FFD Dart and Flutter Student Hackathon

From Dec 10th 2021
To Dec 12th 2021
Build a Flutter/Dart Mobile App
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The Dart/Flutter Student Hackathon is aimed at students in CIS/Engineering and other related disciplines.  Upon graduation, every student shoudl have a web,mobile, or desktop app in their portfolio to showcase.  Using Google's new  Flutter/Dart sdk/language, students will have 48 hours to build a desktop, mobile, or webapp prototype of their choosing using either Dart or Flutter as a frontend language and either Dart or another language as the Backend for their app.


Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.
Covid Relief Efforts
- An app designed to help Covid relief efforts.

Prizes pool

Got your eye on the prize? See what's in-store for the hackathon winners below.
Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Exam
Treehouse Subscription
Upgrade your PC with an M2 form Factor Solid State Drive or your PC Laptop with a Samsung SSD
Udemy Subscription
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