Fin-Tech Startup - Hackathon

From Dec 18th 2015
To Dec 20th 2015
Acceptance Guarantee to OneTraction and + $100k Investment upon Graduation
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OneTraction is an Open Innovation Accelerator in Silicon Valley founded by Harvard, Stanford and Google alumni, to help next generation startups launch disruptive products that solve real life problems. Running a global network of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, mentors and investors for aspiring and current founders amongst the entire technology ecosystem around the world.

This event is open to those who work, start, mentor and fund tech companies. The type of work to be completed for this hackathon is:

a) - A very complex solution to a very large market and cannot create an MVP in two days and add it to you application.

b) - Team have a very simple solution to common problem and can create an MVP in two days and add it to your application

The prizes are given to winner to accelerating towards a successful startup launch and expanding their hackers network with industry expertise. The challenge is to develop something that is able to launch an MVP within 60 to 90 days!

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