Fintech Camp Hackathon - The Grape

The Grape, Iași
From May 6th 2016
To May 8th 2016
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This is a FREE hackathon organized with the aim to create a FinTech community in Romania. Think about Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Venmo, anything related to finance. The FinTech Camp Hackathon will propose a two-day challenge for the best programmers in Romania that want to be part of a new FinTech movement in Eastern Europe. Fintech enthusiasts from Romanian startups and companies like Minutizer Pay Per Minute, SmartX Net Apps, Salt Edge Inc., Clever Taxi and Finland Fintech will be present. All tech developers and Business-oriented people that want to build something together for the Fintech space are invited. The financial industry needs its digital heroes, so join this week-end of pure coding and a chance to be part of a new FinTech movement!

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