Organized by SEEBURGER
SEEBURGER, Stockholm
From Sep 21st 2018
To Sep 23rd 2018
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SEEBURGER invites you to join our FinTech Hackathon for a contest on prototyping real-life FinTech solutions. Come, pitch an idea, join a team, develop a business model, start hacking and have fun!! Mentors and coaches will help you to learn where to start and how to build a MVP.

Have fun, win prizes, meet talented people, flex and improve your skills, meet and network with influential people in the industry during the SEEBURGER Fintech Hackathon.

How it Works?

Any attending participant is welcome to pitch their idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams will be formed around the top ideas after voting. Have the chance to improve your idea with industry expert’s serving as mentors. Test and market validate your idea. Finally, pitch the solution to mentors serving as judges.


What’s the Challenge?

Banks need to adapt and respond to new values, lifestyle and financial situation, or avoid the risk of losing demographic segment as their customers. Build a service, product or feature that empowers the international consumers and corporations.

 Some areas of inspiration could be:

Mobile payments and transfers (any technology that allows for faster, cheaper, more convenient money transactions)

Personal finance and banking (including online/mobile banking, automatic budgeting and financial planning)

Innovative ways to use financial data (Big Data, data science and predictive analytics)


How much does it cost? - Free admission! Food and drinks will be provided.

How do I apply? - You can apply to be considered for the hackathon by clicking ‘register’ and filling out the registration form. (you will be re-directed to another site for registration)

If I register, am I guaranteed entry? - No, only a limited set of teams will be able to participate in the Hackathon. Once you have registered, you will receive a personal e-mail by the organizer, latest two weeks prior to the event, to confirm your participation. Detailed schedule will be provided along with the confirmation.

Can I register as an individual? - Yes. You can register as an individual, but to compete you will join a team on the day of the event. Don’t worry there will be set time to mingle and form teams in the evening of the first day.

What do I bring? - Bring your own laptop, chargers, adapters and anything else you want to use. We will provide with open source API links, Wi-Fi and power sockets.

Do I need to work in the Financial Services or Banking industry? - No, we encourage people outside of the industry to bring your ideas and skills. A different mix of people is a great recipe for innovation. Also there will be a number of experts on site to help you understand some of the issues facing the industry today and you can to bounce ideas off of them.

What kind of solution can I come up with? - Anything you want! We have kept the topic relatively broad to try and allow participants to come with ideas that are as disruptive and innovative as possible.

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