FinTech Hackathon Slovenia 2015

ABC HUB, Ljubljana
From Dec 5th 2015
To Dec 6th 2015
Apple Watch for Everyone
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FinTech Hackathon Slovenia 2015 main's theme is HalmBills - a new mobile wallet developed primarily for invoice payments with e-invoices instead the physical form. The app you develop should be able to top-up and payout to your bank account, pay invoices, management invoice issuer, and make peer-to-peer payments.

An open API for making payments will be provided (think about Paypal, Stripe, Square, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Venmo etc.). This open API is the focus point of this Hackathon and will be specified and presented in detail before the event takes place. 

So come, develop, connect with fellow developers and companies, win amazing prizes and get the chance to create your idea in Halcom Studio or get a buyout offer from Halcom!

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