Flappy Bird - Python Game ReDesign 2-Day Hackathon

Organized by Hackleto
From Dec 7th 2018
To Dec 8th 2018
See the website


Flappy Bird is a great game, but it’s a bit old.  Together, we are going to create new spins on that addictive game.

We will start with Flappy Bird as a base.  Then fork from there as we brainstorm new ideas together.

Here’s the format…

We will arrive at Cross Campus at 6PM, December 7th

Meet, Greet & Eat

Then we will start brainstorming improvements to the game

We will post those on a big board

You will then join the idea you want to create, thereby forming a team

You will then get with your team, plan the build, and get to typing

You can stay as late as you want/need (Cross Campus has showers)

We will pause periodically during the hack-a-thon to review each other's work

At 4PM the next day, (Dec 8th) we will stop, show our work, distribute them for play, and celebrate our collective awesomeness!  


WHEN | December 7 from 6PM to December 8th, at 6PM

WHERE | TBD but likely Culver City or Santa Monica

How to Prep

Play Flappy Bird (https://flappybird.io/)

Review Game Design in Python

Create a Flappy Bird Clone - Udemy Course (http://bit.ly/2PhQHOo)

Python Game Development™ : Build 11 Total Games - Udemy Course (http://bit.ly/2Pdyhyp)

Review Game Design Theory

The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses, Second Edition 2nd Edition by Jesse Schell (https://amzn.to/2PdWmoK)

What to Bring

Your laptop

Money for meters if you are planning to drive

Comfy Clothes

Food & drinks for the group...we are all in this together.  We will send you a potluck signup sheet

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