Flowable Hackathon

Organized by Edorasware
Edorasware, València
Feb 23rd 2018
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¿Quieres participar en un proyecto open-source? Únete el próximo 23 de febrero al hackathon de Flowable (http://flowable.org) para celebrar que parte del desarrollo se viene a Valencia.

¿Eres usuario de Flowable o estás simplemente intrigado? Una idea loca, un prototipo, un bug perdido en Github. A useful much-missed feature... anything goes! Tijs Rademakers y Joram Barrez estarán por alli para asegurarse de que tienes todo lo que necesitas.

Empezaremos con una pequeña intro a Flowable, seguida por un brainstorming de ideas a completar en equipos. Nosotros ponemos la pizza y las cervezas, tu sólo tienes que traer tu portatil.

Algunas ideas para empezar:

Usar Flowable para coordinar jobs en Kubernetes

Construir una replica de IFTT con Flowable

Crear una aplicación para gestionar las vacaciones

Resolver con nuestra ayuda alguna de las 'entry-level' issues de Github

Traducir partes de la interfaz o escribir ejemplos


Flowable (http://www.flowable.org) is a popular open-source BPM platform consisting of a set of fast and scalable engines and corresponding UI applications for doing business process, case and decision management.  Its community is made up of people from all over the world and are pushing the capabilities of the project further every day.

The engines are designed to run in any environment: plain Java, Spring, JEE, standalone REST server, cluster or in a micro-service, using Docker or any cloud platform out there.

Are you a long-time Flowable user or are you simply intrigued? Join us for an evening (/night) of talking about and hacking on Flowable.

A crazy idea. A prototype. A useful much-missed feature. A bug that has been nagging at you for a while. Whether you're a complete beginner or an expert ... anything goes! And on top of that, Flowable Core developers and project founders Tijs Rademakers and Joram Barrez will be around to make sure you've got all the help you need.

 We'll start with a short Flowable introduction, followed by throwing ideas for the hackathon at each other. Once the dust settles and teams are made, the hacking starts.

 Wifi, Pizza and beers (or non-alcoholic beverages) are kindly provided by edorasware. The only thing you need to bring with you is your laptop. All coding will be done on Github.


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