Food & Nutrition Solutions Hackathon

Organized by Hunger Free Texans
Hunger Free Texans-Auditorium, Houston
Sep 13th 2018
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September 13, 2018


Tackling food insecurity, diet-related disease, or increasing healthy and affordable food access and nutrition in your communities can sometimes be a daunting challenge.  Do you have a specific issue/concern/problem or question that you need resolved that needs a solution to help your organization promote healthy food access and nutrition in your community?  Imagine a think-tank of multi-disciplinary professionals, enthusiasts, advocates and students from various backgrounds and knowledge levels coming together over one day to tackle these issues.  Whether your issue is “how do I feed my seniors healthier foods on a budget”, “how can I increase veggie consumption in my community” or “how can I work closer with the faith-based community, schools, farmers or healthcare sector”, this forum of learning may provide a solution.  All participants must bring an issue to be worked on.  All issues are voted on and a certain number will be selected that day.  This is a fun day of exponential learning.  Even if your issue is not selected, what you learn may spark ideas or solutions that could address your issue and/or other programmatic areas.  Don’t’ know what a hackathon is?  Attend this workshop to experience a fun, interactive and effective problem-solving strategy to address any issue or concerns centered around food and nutrition.  This is a statewide event.  Lunch is provided.


Program planners, managers and outreach professionals from government agencies, healthcare, community supported agriculture, faith and community-based organizations, and others interested learning more about food access & nutrition programs.


Workshop Location:

Hunger Free Texas

170 Heights Blvd

Houston, TX 77007





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