ForkedBlock Blockchain Hackathon - Denver

Organized by ForkedBlock
TBA, Denver, Denver
Nov 29th 2018
Prizes TBA
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This hackathon challenges developers, designers, and idea generators to create immersive projects using the tools in the blockchain ecosystem. We want to develop the new ideas to help foster the adoption of this bleeding-edge technology for a chance to win prizes and build out products in the space. 

Join Our Discord to start talking to the team!  

Registration and Team Formation   9am | Time to make friends and teams! We want to take this time to assemble 5-6 person teams to collaborate and co-invent!


Let's Get on the Same Page -  9:30am  

Steem Onboarding  - 10am

Group Collaboration on Github.     11am | Learn how stand on the shoulders of giants! This workshop will speed up development time for any projects. Learn to collaborate with others with version control through Git.

Team Registration ENDS 12PM  | Registration of all team members via Github are due in order to be eligible to be judged by our panel of experts and staffers. 

Lunch Break

Truffle Suite -1pm | Explore the creation of dapps from beginning to end. Quickly adapt to new stacks in Ethereum Blockchain development. Test development environments setup for Node.js, Python, and Solidity.

Full Stack dApp - 2pm Explore all the moving parts of a fully functioning full stack dApp. We will do a deep dive into Node.js, React, IPFS, Truffle, and uPort. When we are trying to learn a new technology - it is good to see how all the pieces of the puzzle come together! 

Team Checkup - 6pm | Is your team derailing or unsure? Lets use this time to recap what your team is doing. Keep the most important thing most important! We can really start seeing how your thoughts are crystallizing.

Exhibition - Show each other what you have been working on. Our mission here at ForkedBlock is to create a place where innovation is paramount. 

END - 12am - Phew! We can all relax and announce the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!

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