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This 10-week MSc level blockchain and cryptocurrency bootcamp for technical professionals and computer science students is not to be missed! Work on Blockchain is honoured to be organiser and promoter of this amazing opportunity. 

For the next 10 weeks, we invite the London community of developers and students to attend free lectures about Distributed Ledgers and Cryptocurrencies at the prestigious King's College London.

All lecture material is developed by the instructors for the MSc Computer Science (module: 7CCSMDLC) that is already taught at King's College London.

The course will run every Tuesday evening (7pm-9pm). The exact room/location will be disclosed to anyone who signs up and are selected to attend the bootcamp. You are required to arrived between 6:30pm to 6:50pm for a 7pm start. Every Tuesday evening for 10 weeks as from Tuesday 15th of Jan 2019 until Tuesday 19th of March 2019.

Who are the instructors?

Patrick McCorry is an Assistant Professor at King's College London. His focus is cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, cryptography and decentralised systems. Patrick is the UK’s first PhD graduate in Cryptocurrencies and his work has recently appeared at Devcon3 & 4, Scaling Bitcoin 2017, Breaking Bitcoin 2017 and BPASE 2018 alongside numerous academic venues. More information can be found at

Luke Riley is a Research Associate at King's College London. He is a member of the EPSRC funded "Voting Over Ledger Technology" project, which explores the different ways that distributed ledger technology can be used in voting and decentralised governance systems. He is the principal investigator of the EPSRC Impact "Improving Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus Protocol" project, which is focused on investigating the properties of the approval voting system contained within it. Additionally he has a background in multi-agent systems, cooperative game theory and communication protocols.

Sergi Delgado Segura is a Research Associate at UCL (and previously at UIUC with Andrew Miller). He graduated with his PhD from Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) under the supervision of Jordi Herrera-Joancomartí and Guillermo Navarro-Arribas. His research (including his entire PhD) focused on the network layer of cryptocurrencies and how to achieve privacy in Bitcoin. His work has previously appeared at Scaling Bitcoin 2018 and the Master Workshop: Layer 1 alongside numerous academic venues. More information can be found at

 Course Abstract:

This free 10 week course focuses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology which combines applied cryptography, software engineering, distributed systems, mechanism design and game-theory. It is the first example of a self-sustaining peer-to-peer network that can reach consensus about a series of events on a global scale without the assistance (or support) of any global institution or intermediary. The first application of a global consensus network was Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, but it has since been taken further by several new projects including Ethereum to support the execution of global programs (‘smart contracts’). Throughout the course, we’ll study how something like Bitcoin can work, the implications (and beauty) of self-enforcing smart contracts, and focus on bringing all students up to date with state-of-the-art research in this emerging (and exciting) area.

Provisional Schedule:

Week 1 - Introduction to Cryptocurrencies by Patrick McCorry

Week 2 - Structure of the blockchain, transactions and how cryptography plays a role by Patrick McCorry

Week 3 - Network Layer and Information Propagation by Sergi Delgado Segura

Week 4 - Breaking Smart Contracts by Patrick McCorry and Luke Riley

Week 5 - Scaling On-chain Transactions by Patrick McCorry

Week 6 - Nature of Money and the landscape for Bitcoin to succeed by Luke Riley

Week 7 - Legal Issues around smart contracts and the blockchain by Luke Riley

Week 8 - Scaling via Off-chain Transactions (or so-called Layer 2) by Patrick McCorry

Week 9 - Financial Privacy on the blockchain by Patrick McCorry

Week 10 - Student Presentations - YOU!



- A good programming/development background.

- Ideally a BSc in Computer Science, although not required.

- Commit to attending most lectures (i.e. at least 8 out of 10).

- Commit to a group exercise with other class-mates.


You will be notified of the exact room/location once you have been selected to attend the course. Please make sure you provide a valid email address.

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Antonio Sabado is the co-founder of Work on Blockchain, a global hiring platform for technical professionals in the Blockchain, DLT & Cryptocurrencies space. He has actively been growing a blockchain developer community since Jan 2017 by hosting regular free developer deep dives, bootcamps and hackathons aimed at technical professionals and computer science students. 


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