FREE Pre-workshop for DoraHacks Blockchain Hacker Arena (Oasislabs, Celer Network,etc!)

Organized by DoraHacks
Dec 9th 2018
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ABOUT THIS WORKSHOPWhat?There will be the shortest blockchain hackathon(8hr) with $20000 prize, with top projects including Oasis Labs and Cosmos, and as the pre-hack for Binance Singapore Hackathon 2019 Jan, on 11 Dec?!Yes!! But before that, we also prepare an interesting pre-workshop ,which will guide you through the blockchain ,DLT and Crypto jungle ;)Come and join us on Sunday afternoon!We invite technical mentors from Oasis Labs,Cosmos, Celer network,Top network,IOT Block etc to give tentative talks in terms of different blockchain protocols, its use cases and much more!


13:30-14:00 Sign up

14:00-14:10 Opening

14:10-14:40 Celer Network ( 

Theme:Celer Network Mobile SDK: build fast and easy-to-use Android and iOS dApps to increase your active user base to millions

Mentor:Tech Lead on Mobile Platform at Celer Network-Yan Zhang

14:40-15:10 Saito (

Theme:Dev Workshop & Tutorial — how to build on Saito (the big-data blockchain) with JavaScript.

Mentor:Core Developer at Saito-Stephen Peterkins

15:10-15:40 Quarkchain(

Theme:Full Node Design in Sharded Blockchain

Mentor:Senior Engineer at Quarkchain-Junjia He

15:40-16:10 Oasis Labs(

Theme:What Oasis Labs is working on long-term and the exciting features for developers in the Devnet specifically.

Mentor:Chief Product Officer at Oasis Labs-Noah Johnson

16:10-16:40 Dispatch Protocol (

Theme: Build a beautiful solidity based dApp on the Dispatch DevNet

Mentors: Dispatch CTO Zane Witherspoon

16:40-17:10 IOTBlock(

Theme: Building Blocks for Trustless IoT Governance for the Sharing Economy and Beyond

Mentor: CTO of IoTBlock-Michael Arbach

17:10-18:00 Social

WHO ARE THIS FORSelected hacker teams for DoraHacks Hacker Arena (Dec 11th)Decentralized tech enthusiasts, philosophers and developers alike are welcome to join!ABOUT THE ORGANIZERDoraHacks( is a decentralized global hacker community and hackathon organizer focusing on AI, blockchain and commercial space engineering. With the mission of connecting hackers around the world and helping them solve critical issues in different industries, DoraHacks has organized 100+ featured hackathons, witnessed the birth of 3000+ projects and connected 300000+ hackers from 40+ countries.Register for FREE DoraHacks Blockchain Hacker Arena on Dec 11th (as pre-hack for Binance Singapore Hackathon 2019 Jan), and gain free tickets for WDAS blockchain conference (with Polychain, FBG, Thunder, OasisLabs, etc)Find more info at

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