GAMESMASH - The Game Design & Fabrication Challenge

Organized by Ultimaker + MakerOS
Fat Cat Fab Lab, New York, New York
From Aug 13th 2016
To Aug 14th 2016
Ultimaker 3D Printer
Create an Awesome Tabletop Game!
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Are you a tabletop game maker and enthusiast? Ultimaker and MakerOS invite you to participate in GAMESMASH - The Game Design & Fabrication Challenge.

At this 2-day event, you'll participate as part of a team of 3-6 like-minded individuals. You'll have access to a range of fabrication methods, including 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, and CNC milling. Design and build the best tabletop game possible and then present it to a jury of expert game designer judges. Compete for prizes for Best Design, Best Mechanics, and Best In Play!

Check out this tips page for advice on taking part in the hackathon!


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