GAMESMASH Playtesting Night!

Organized by Ultimaker + MakerOS
Fat Cat Fab Lab, New York, New York
From Jul 14th 2016
To Jul 15th 2016
Try Out Awesome GAMESMASH Games
See the website


Are you a fan of table-top games? Ultimaker and MakerOS invite you to THE GAMESMASH Playtesting Night, where you'll get to try out the games developed in GAMESMASH - The Game Design & Fabrication Challenge. GAMESMASH is a hackathon-style event where teams compete against each other to create and produce the best tabletop game possible -- given limited time and surprise constraints! 

Come along to Playtesting Night, where you can try out the games and see them be tested by a panel of judges who are game designers or experts themselves.

Click here for advice on hackathon participation!


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