Garage48 Digital Construction hackathon

Organized by Garage48 Foundation
Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn
From Apr 6th 2018
To Apr 8th 2018
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The field of construction is something every single person has at least some contact with : either you're a real estate owner or tenant or you're one of tens of millions people who actually work in the industry. Although the construction business involves tens of different counterparts like architects, developers and actual construction workers the mechanisms of the field are outdated.

Let us name just few of the top challenges the industry is facing :1)Poor productivity and profitability

2)Lack of on-time and on-budget projects

3)Very little digitalization and digital collaboration

and the list goes on.

Garage48 was reached out by the e-difice, the digital construction cluster of Estonia in order to get the brightest minds together and really get things going for good!

We're inviting the real field experts, business people, developers and designers to join us at Tallinn University of Technology to bring innovation and technology to the build environment and be part of a weekend which will be remembered as the one that changed how things work in the construction world!

Do you have an idea how to get access to important information so job could get done faster and projects would keep on moving faster? Or do you have a genius idea of a field specific communication tool that doesn't exist yet? Do you know how to best get all the drawings, schedules, process performance, budgets and reports to one place? Then please join and present your idea to others and combine a dream-team!

Right now the biggest strengths of the construction field stands in construction but the planning process plays a huge role in the field and innovation together with technolgy can make a real big change!

Let's build a better indsutry together!

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Register to the pre-event here:Join the pre-event on FacebookThe pre-event is meant for the participants of Garage48 hackathon to get to know each other, mix & mingle, share their ideas and get a better understanding of what will follow in the hackathon weekend.

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