Garage48 Future of Mobility

Organized by Garage48 Foundation
LMT Headquarters, Riga
From Feb 19th 2019
To Feb 21st 2019
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Join Garage48 Future of Mobility for 3 reasons:

- 48 hours to work on your startup idea with the support of mentors & experienced teammates. Who knows, maybe, you're going to be the next unicorn co-founder?- Ticket includes everything: participation, food, access to the venue 24h/day, help from mentors and the organizing team- Get a chance to win amazing prizes from partners and sponsors.

Get connected! Hackathon on Smart Mobility and Sustainable Logistics

There are more than 1.2 billion cars in the world, we make more than 100 thousand flights per day, hours are spent every day commuting from work to home, from school to malls, making us the most mobile generation ever.But the opportunities come with threats. That's why so many countries and companies focus more and more on so-called "smart mobility" - developing solutions for faster and more convenient transportation that would reduce the pollution and time spent commuting, as well as will make delivering goods more efficient and sustainable.

Garage48, Latvijas Mobilais Telefons and The Netherlands Embassy bring Garage48 Future of Mobility hackathon to TechChill! This hackathon will aim to create new startups offering innovative ideas in the mobility of people and goods, reducing pollution and maximizing the experience while commuting.

At Garage48 Future of Mobility, we encourage participants to focus on the following topics:

1. Alternative Mobility, tackling issues related to car-sharing, car-pooling, micro transit, ride-hailing, bike-sharing, cycling, walking, incentive schemes, community schemes, affordable transport, total cost of vehicle ownership, connection of suburban areas with city centre, indoor navigation in public transport stations, internet in public transport vehicles, facial recognition, dynamic use of dedicated lanes as positive motivation for participation in sharing economy, blockchain applications.

2. Navigation and Innovative Use of Traffic Data,including big data applications, advanced trip planning, taxi and GPS traffic data utilisation, innovative applications for public transport and drivers, real-time transport flow management, dynamic use of dedicated lanes.

3. Mobility as a Service,Solving different challenges connected to increased congestion, growing public transport, CO2 reduction, growing pressure on space and infrastructure in urban areas.

4. Smart Urban Logistics,Including optimal planning of warehouse locations, efficient utilisation of warehouse space and delivery infrastructure, alternative courier services, courier-sharing („uber“ of courier services), smart pick-up points, last-mile multiple-service integration, real-time monetization of returned goods.

Participants can join with their own ideas, join someone else's idea presented on February 19th or participate in a challenge offered by one of our partners.

More information on challenges will be offered soon.

Who can participate?

- Front-end and Back-end developers- Data scientists- Engineers- Experts in transportation/energy/urban planning/…- UX and UI designers- Business visionaries- Product managers- Marketers

We offer you warm meals three times a day, snacks and drinks to keep you going, fast wifi - everything is available - just make sure to sign up SOON, because the tickets are selling out FAST.

Get 50% Early bird discount till January 20th 

Find out more: event:

For updates, please follow the FB event.

Garage48 Future of Mobility is organised in cooperation with the Embassy if the Netherlands in Latvia, with main sponsor Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT)


Tickets to North Star AI - - Applied Machine Learning Conference for developers, technology leaders & data scientists on March 7, 2019 in Tallinn. Speakers include AI champions from Google DeepMind, Netflix, Spotify, Taxify, Nvidia, Microsoft, Amazon, Starship Technologies.

The whole list of prizes will be published soon.

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