genEquality Hackathon - NYC Hack Night #3

Organized by genEquality
110 West 40 Street, New York
Nov 7th 2018
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Calling all genEquality Hackathon participants!

Please join us for Hack Night #3 in NYC. This will be a working Hack Night, which means there will be no presentation or speakers. Food will be served.

If you already have formed a team, join us and use the time and space to further develop your idea and product. If you're looking to join a team or add to your team, join us so we can help connect you to other potential teammates!

genEquality team members and Hackathon Mentors & Expert Advisors will be on hand to answer questions, bounce around ideas, and facilitate discussions. Don't forget your laptop & charger!

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, November 7 at 6:30PM!

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