Getting started with LoRa

Organized by #HackTheBase
UCW LABS LTD., Vancouver
Dec 7th 2018
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This event is free for all attendees of the #HackTheBase IoT Hackathon.

LoRaWAN is increasingly becoming a popular Low Power WAN (LPWAN) solution. This workshop provides easy understanding of LoRa and how LoRaWAN protocol achieves LoRa. The course focus on first-time users of LoRa or beginners.

What you will know after the workshop

Familiar with LoRa technology

Understanding LoRa Infrastructure

Community approach for LoRaWAN

Familiarisation with The Things Network (TTN)

Management of application, gateway, and devices

Don’t miss this chance to find out about LoRa and gain hands-on experience of how easy it is to create your first LoRa application.

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