Global Cyber Security Initiative (GCSI) Conference 2018

Chicago - Kent College of Law, Chicago, Chicago
Nov 9th 2018
Innovative solutions to problems facing highly regulated industries
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Global Cyber Security Initiative (GCSI), in partnership with the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Pan Asian American Business council (PAABC) and Convex Legal LLC are hosting the 2018 GCSI Cybersecurity Conference.

We will host our first GCSI conference from 9am to 6pm, Friday, Nov. 9 at Chicago - Kent College of Law, 565 W. Adams St., Chicago. 

The conference begins with a Hackathon showcasing innovative solutions to the problems facing highly regulated industries. We are bringing more than 100 cybersecurity leaders, Senior Executives, C-Level Executives, CISOs, Compliance Specialist, and Security Officers for sessions focused on Cyber Security Planning, Strategy, Risk & Budgeting. 

GCSI was organized in October 2016 to address the SEC and FINRA’s annual areas of concern for their member firms. Since then, GCSI expanded to include topics, such as controlling your cyber security budget and how to discreetly hire a CISO.

The GCSI expanded its focus to assist all highly regulated industries, including healthcare, insurance, finance, etc. Each month, we host events that bring together executives to discuss topics such as cybersecurity insurance, human engineering and more.


Morning Hackathon schedule

  9:00 - 9:25 am      Ed Lamark -  Wealthfront: Fintech

  9:25 - 9:50 am      Anita Nikolich - Illinois Tech: Cryptocurrency and cybersecurity

  9:50 - 10:15 am    Kassem Fawaz :  AI and the changing landscape of privacy notice and choice

  10:15 - 10:30 am  Coffee break

  10:30 - 11:00 am  GDPR Panel discussion:

  Moderator: Brian Jenkins, Business Block/ Former CNN correspondent    

  Henry Beverly, Deputy CIO, Cook County

  Maurice Dawson Jr., D.Sc., Ph.D., SMIEEE, Director of Illinois Institute of Technology Center for Cyber Security and Forensics Education (C2SAFE), Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Management

  Shuchi Jain, Marketing Research Analyst at Illinois Institute of Technology

  Andrew Kumiega, Assistant Professor of Analytics, Stuart school of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology  

  Ed Lamark - Founder of Wealthpool LLC 

  11:00 - 12:00 am: Hackathon Award Ceremony 

Noon - 1                 

Lunch (Round Table - By invitation only)

Moderator: Michael Philips CEO, VSEC, LLC


Keynote: Sujeet Shenoi, University of Tulsa

Topic: Why are critical infrastructure assets so easy to attack?


Panel: Emerging Technologies: Blockchain for contract management

Moderator: Sean O'Kelly, CIO, State of Illinois

Wulf Kaal. Semada

Phil Fornaro, Fornaro Law

John Mirkovic, Cook County



2:35 - 3:00            

Speaker: Larry Lidz, Senior Vice President & Global Chief Information Security Officer at CNA

Topic: Adapting to Evolving Regulatory Landscape


Panel: Cybersecurity for highly regulated areas - Healthcare, Fintech, Insurance

Moderator: John Johnson, CEO/Founder of Aligned Security, IEEE-USA VP of Communications

Erik Decker, CISO, UChicago Medicine

KevinNovak,CISO, Northern Trust

Bradley Schaufenbuel, VP/CISO, Paylocity




Speaker: Todd Fitzgerald, Managing Director/CISO, CISO Spotlight

Topic: Effective CISO Leadership: Doing the right things right


Panel: Top Cyber Security concerns for regulators

Moderator: Stel Valavanis, CEO, onShore Security 

Andrew Maychruk, Chief Technology Officer at Old Second National Bank

Arlan McMillan, Chief Security Officer at Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Karthikeyan Swarnam, VP, Cybersecurity, AT&T




Henry Beverly, Cook County 

Gregg Friedman VP, ISSA Chicago

John Johnson CEO/Founder of Aligned Security, IEEE-USA VP of Communications

Wayne Johnson Regional VP, OPAQ

John Mirkovic, Cook County 

Sean O'Kelly CIO, State of IL

Michael Philips CEO, VSEC, LLC

Erik Schlesinger, CEO Build.Scale.Prosper; Strategic Advisor, AlphaCrypto

Stel Valavanis, CEO, onShore Security 

Communications Chair

Collin Canright Principal, Canright Communications

Hackathon Committee

Matthew Dixon, Ph.D., FRM, Assistant Professor of Finance & Statistics, Illinois Institute of Technology

Shuchi Jain, Hackathon Team, Illinois Institute of Technology

Nik Rokop,  Coleman Foundation Clinical Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology

Peter Tapling, Chief Commercial Officer, Springlabs 

Liad Wagman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics, Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology


Kasi Paturi,  Pan Asian American Business Council (PAABC)

Chris Williams, Partner, Convex Legal

Global Cyber Security Initiative

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