Global Opportunities in Digital Health: Asia Focus. Health Platform Startup

The Precinct, Brisbane
Nov 26th 2018
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Guest Speakers:

Feranica Susanto from Austrade and Tantia Dian from AloDoktor


Australian startups and businesses can benefit from consideration of global opportunities - starting with our close neighbour Indonesia.  Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia (GDP (PPP) ~$3.25tn with ~5% growth) and the world's third most populous democracy (with over 260 million people).  It is rapidly urbanising, enjoying rising incomes and a growing digital economy (with over 1700 digital startups) - which opens up new opportunities for digitally enabled startups.

There are important opportunities, challenges, and trends that Australian startups should consider regarding business in Indonesia.



We are pleased to bring you two speakers who can explore these and other topics, in the following sesions:


9:30am-9:50am: Ms Feranica Susanto (Austrade, Indonesia) 

Doing Business in Indonesia (with a focus on health startups)

Overview of Indonesian health system 

Overview of Indonesian health market

Healthcare to Indonesia: Trends and opportunities

Competitive environment

Regulatory environment, tariffs, regulations and customs

The latest in digital health transformations in Indonesia 

9:50am-10:10am: Ms Tantia Dian (Funded digital (telehealth) startup AlkoDoktor)

AloDoktor business overview

AloDoktor customers segments

Funding history: How did you go from Seed to Series B?

Softbank Investment: What does this mean for the organisation?

Are you collaborating with other organisations? If yes, who and how? 

Future plans, international expansion

10:10am-10:20am Questions

Audience Q&A with both presenters


Note: this event is part of a full day of (free) entrepreneurship & startup-related events (in health and other areas) that we are organising.  Please see below for other events you may be intersted in staying for / attending. 

About the Speakers

Feranica is an experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the international trade and development industry and has an agenda around health trade between Australia and Indonesia.

Tantia is the business development manager for telehealth startup AloDoktor, who has a track record across operations, marketing, and business development, with a current focus on digital start up and e-commere. 


Monday 26 November is an opportunity rich day for those interested in entrepreneurship, featuring international & investor guests including seasoned startup investor Steve Barsh (MD, Dreamit Ventures fund & accelerator, USA).

We invite you to (stay and) join us for as many of the sessions below as you'd like:

Location 1: The Precinct, Fortitude Valley:

09:00am-09:50am | Going Global & Funding Growth: Asia Pacific Opportunity Focus - Indonesia 

09:50am-11:00am | [Break]

11:00am-12:30pm | De-risking your startup idea or business project

12:30pm-01:30pm | Designs on Display / Lunch break

01:30pm-02:10pm | Pitching Session 1: Health Tech Startups

02:10pm-02:30pm | Networking break

02:30pm-03:00pm | Pitching Session 2: Tech Startups (e.g. Urban, Cyber, Social)

03:15pm-04:00pm | QUT IHBI Research Commercialisation & BridgeTech for Medtech 

04:00pm-04:15pm | Networking

Location 2: TRI, Woolloongabba:

05:15pm-07:00pm | Meeting with customers early: Tricks and key questions to ask


You can register here for the whole day's activities.


About Steve Barsh

Steve is a Managing Partner at Dreamit Ventures, a US-based early-stage venture fund. He has over 30 years of experience starting, leading, launching and building multinational companies in the fields of healthcare, real estate/built environment, and security as well as early-stage venture work. Steve has helped launch over 100 companies that have generated over US$1 billion in enterprise value. He is also a special advisor to NASA for its annual NASA Cross Industry Innovation Summit. He has taught in the Wharton MBA program at the University of Pennsylvania and has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two children.

About the Organisers

Steve Barsh has been brought to Australia by MTPConnect. Events at the Precinct are co-hosted by QUT foundry, Hacking Health Queensland and QUT Institute for Health & Biomedical Innovation; and the event at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) is supported by TRI, the Queensland Government and Medical Research Commercialisation Fund.


Hacking Health Queensland is part of a global network, acting locally to share knowledge and enable innovation and entrepreneurship to advance and improve health and healthcare, including through the design and faciliation of hackathons, design jams, innovation and educational events. We connect and collaborate with the health sector, government, academia, research, startups and industry. 


QUT foundry is part of Queensland University of Technology's (QUT) entrepreneurship ecosystem, being a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, serving to inspire, enable, and connect current and future innovators, change agents, social entrepreneurs, and founders. It offers co-working space, events, mentoring, an incubator program, and more to benefit the QUT community and wider ecosystem.



Austrade - The Australian Trade and Investment Commission - contributes to Australia's economic prosperity by helping Australian businesses, education institutions, tourism operators, governments and citizens as they: develop international markets and promote international education; win productive foreign direct investment; strengthen Australia's tourism industry; and seek consular and passport services.



MTPConnect is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to accelerate the rate of growth of the medical technologies, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals sector to increase commercialisation, collaboration, and establish Australia as an Asia-Pacific hub for MTP companies. Formed in December 2015 as part of the Federal Government's Industry Growth Centres Initiative, MTPConnect is an independent and trusted voice, call for change to support the sector.

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