Global Sustainability Jam 2015: Helsinki

Helsinki Think Company Viikki, Helsinki
From Oct 30th 2015
To Nov 1st 2015
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Do you want to save the world? Welcome to Global Sustainability Jam 2015 – Helsinki Edition – a hackathon to create prototypes for sustainable solutions.


This is an open event for anyone from any background who is passionate about sustainability. Come join us for a weekend of fun, creativity and brainstorming!


Global Sustainability Jam takes place each year in November and gathers a multitude of people from various backgrounds who get together to brainstorm on creative solutions for sustainable world.



So how does it work?


...We will get together on Friday evening and get to know each other first. Then, the global secret theme will be revealed  - it can be anything – a picture, a piece of music, a poem…But that will help us to kick off our super brainstorming session. After brainstorming, each team will choose an idea to proceed with.


...On Saturday the teams will work on their ideas towards creating a prototype – that can also be in any form! We will continue having fun until Sunday afternoon when all teams have to submit their prototypes to the global platform!



Event programme:


Friday, October 30

17.30 Meet up

18.10 Games, getting to know each other

18.30 The secret theme announced

18.40 Group brainstorming

19.30 Dinner, informal discussions and brief pitching session


Saturday, October 31

Morning street research, collation, ideation

13.00 Status reports from teams

Afternoon Design, first prototype

17.00 Status reports from teams

Evening Evaluation, ideation, design, second prototype

20.00 Status reports from teams


Sunday, November 1

Morning Evaluation, ideation, design, final prototype

12.00 Status reports from teams

Afternoon Prepare presentation and prepare upload

15.00 Upload documentation of prototypes

16.00 Team presentations

17.00 Wrapup

Sponsoring and joining our event are:

Bullet Meal - mobile hunger stoppers

Froodly - startup that fights food waste in Helsinki


What is sustainability?

We take the term “sustainability” in its wider sense. In the context of our event, we will be concentrating on prototyping solutions that solve economic, environmental and social problems. Bring your own understanding of sustainability to the Jam!


How is this jam global?

Global Sustainability Jam takes place every year in November in more than 20 locations throughout the world.  You can check locations for 2015here.


What is a jam?

Our jam is a hackathon and our goal for the weekend is produce something. Whilst at it, we’re going have lots of fun and enjoy the company of each other. The jam is about doing stuff, developing something in your team! Creativity is king!


Can I come alone or should I have a team?

Up to you! You can join the event and choose your team mates for the weekend or you can apply as a team (8 people max)!


Is this event for me?

The Jam is for anyone out there, be you a designer, a programme, a business person, a scientist, whoever else - you’re welcome!


Who is organising the event?

The event is organised by a group of very enthusiastic students from the University of Helsinki and Aalto University on behalf of Aalto Sustainable Business Club.


Why does it cost?

The event is organised by volunteers and we do not take any share in this. We do ask you to pay 7 euros to cover the cost of the ending dinner on Sunday evening.


Is food provided?

We do not aim to provide food for participants, feel free to bring your stuff (there will be a kitchen at the venue) and use the nearby stores.



Questions? Contact us at

Global Sustainability Jam Helsinki on Facebook

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