Google Cloud {Code_Love_Hack}

Organized by BMA
From Mar 29th 2021
To Apr 21st 2021
Share the love of code at this virtual hackathon!
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Do you remember the feeling you had when you completed your first successful coding project? At Google Cloud {Code_Love_Hack}, you’ll fall in love with the process all over again! Utilizing Cloud Code and Google Kubernetes Engine, we want you to rediscover those feelings and share them with your coding colleagues! 

This hackathon is for developers who love to tinker, build, debug and try new code -- all in the spirit of helping the developer community. To spread the love, Google Cloud has divided the $10k prize pool into five equal prizes of $2k each. Sign up here:


Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.
The Next Level of Love
Build a managed service application that makes creating, sharing, debugging or deploying code easier.
For the Love of Gaming
Devise a game that shows love, gives love, or simply shows your love of gaming.
Spreading the Love
Take on this challenge by creating an application - whether it is a service or a tool - that connects others to their loved ones.
Wild Card
Share an idea that is completely out of the box, but still addresses the theme at hand.
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