Google Developer Group (GDG) Cloud Lagos

Organized by Olayanju Biodun
Oct 23rd 2018
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Google Developer Group (GDG) Cloud Lagos is a non-profit community of cloud developers.We strive to have three main events every month:1) WorkshopAt our hands-on workshop, you should bring your laptop. At the beginning, there is a tutorial on different aspects of building an app. Subsequently, you can implement what you just learned on your laptop and ask the organising team any questions if you run into problems.2) PresentationWe invite speakers to present on cutting edge tech research that affects developers. The topics revolve around artificial intelligence, big data, server operations, and internet of things.3) HackathonWe have a one day hackathon on Saturdays where you can delve more deeply into building projects. You are free to bring a side project or work on a new one with other participants. You are encouraged to implement what you have learned at the workshops and presentations.Please make sure to sign up for these events as soon as they are announced as places fill up quite fast.Join our slack channel ( to have a chat with the community. To get an invite, send an email to slack@gdgcloud.comAnd hope to see you in person at one of the events!

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