Hack Access Dublin 2020

Organized by HackAccess
Google , Dublin
From Feb 21st 2020
To Feb 23rd 2020
See the website


The Hack Access Dublin hackathon has been solving accessibilty challenges, which exclude people with disabilites from participating in the social, cultural and economic life of Dublin, since 2016.  

Engineers, developers, designers, urban innovators, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in innovation; here’s your opportunity to make an impact on your city! 

Help us to create a more diverse, open and enjoyable urban environment for everyone! 


Hack Access Dublin 2020 Winner: €1000 and the opportunity to develop your solution in partnership with our environment partner Dublin Airport

Recognises the team whose solution demonstrates the best ability to solve our Environment Partner, Dublin Airport's, accessibility challenges. 

Accessible City Award: €500

Recognises the team whose solution demonstrates the best ability to support our city partner, Dublin City Council make more informed and impactful decisions around accessibility and inclusion in the city.

Showcase of solutions:

All our teams who work to progress their solutions following Hack Access Dublin 2020 will have the opportunity to present their solutions and progress at Dublin Maker and other partnership events throughout 2020. 

**Details of more prizes and mentoring to be announced closer to the hackathon. 


For the format and schedule of the hackathon weekend please visit our Hackathon page here. 


To be announced at the end of January. 


Parking Data 

Accessible Transport Under Disability Act

Expert mentoring - details will be on our website at the end of January

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