Hack Big for Small Business

Organized by BeMyApp
Atlanta Tech Village, 3423 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta
From Dec 2nd 2017
To Dec 3rd 2017
Improve small business day-to-day operations for a prizepool of $18,000
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Using U.S. Bank and Visa APIs, along with third party APIs, build an innovative solution to help small business owners better manage their inventory procurement and management process– staying on top of quantity, cost and any incentives that may benefit their business. Use your creativity, but remember, “simplicity is king” to a time-crunched small business owner.

Prizes pool

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Get a leg up on the competition by getting familiar with the hackathon resources at your disposal.
Account Balance and Transaction History APIs
APIs that provide data on transaction history & current balance for products like checking accounts, retail loans, debit/credit cards, line of credit accounts
Rates API
An API that provides access to rate data for any U.S. Bank product/service (e.g. CD rates, Saving Account rates; Mortgage Rates, Auto Loan rates, etc.)
Money Transfer API
An API that allows you to transfer funds from any U.S. Bank account to another (e.g. transfer funds from your DDA account to pay your monthly mortgage bill)
Locations API
An API that provides location details on all U.S. Bank branches and ATMs
Elavon Converge API
An API that supports transaction processing (authorization & settlement) for businesses across a variety of payment types and interfaces (e.g. credit, debit, gift cards, Apple Pay/Google Wallet) for in-store, on-line and mobile environments
Get a head start and test Visa APIs
Some APIs to consider while you build Small Business Solution: B2B Virtual Account Payment Method Visa Business Data Solutions Visa Supplier Matching Service Visa Queue Insights Merchant Measurement Merchant Search
Visa Github
Download sample code for our payment APIs
Visa Developers
Connect with the Visa Developer Community
Atlanta Tech Village
2 December 2017 - 3 December 2017
3423 Piedmont Rd NE
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