Hack for RARE 2021

Organized by BMA
From Jun 25th 2021
To Jul 30th 2021
Join the Children’s Tumor Foundation and MIT Hacking Medicine to improve the lives of patients with rare diseases
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The Children’s Tumor Foundation and MIT Hacking Medicine are calling for healthcare startups, developers, solutions architects, and hackathon enthusiasts to join researchers, clinicians and patients to develop solutions built around a number of rare diseases including neurofibromatosis, PTEN Hamartoma Tumor Syndrome, RASopathies and Desmoid Tumors. Let’s build high-tech solutions to improve research, clinical innovation, and patient quality of life during Hack4Rare. 

Rare diseases represent a research area with high unmet medical need and an opportunity to make a difference! The Children’s Tumor Foundation and MIT Hacking Medicine need your help to improve upon the data analytics and research methodologies being used today. Bring your data science, ML, and AI skills to the table, get access to some of the most talented experts in the field of big data analytics and experimentation, help find new insights, refine algorithms, and identify alternative approaches to therapies and research.

Utilize the datasets provided to work on your solution to improve data analytics, research methodology, and the lives of those living with rare diseases.


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