Hack the DMC

Digital Media Centre, Barnsley
From Mar 9th 2018
To Mar 10th 2018
See the website


Calling all coders, designers, hardware engineers and entrepreneurs! Join us for a 24 hour hackathon where you'll form teams to solve problems with practical, scalable solutions. Focusing on the problems faced by multi occupancy business centres and business incubators, the potential market so the right solution and worldwide.

Starting at 4pm on Friday 9th March, the Hack will start with attendees being briefed on what the current problems. This will be followed by an ideas pitching session where people with potential solutions will outline their ideas and the initial teams will be formed. During the 24 hour period, the idea is to get to a working prototype to fix the problem.

Startup Europe Week is a movement whose goal is to help entrepreneurs grow and thrive all over the world, through a series of locally focused events that show entrepreneurs what support is available at their particular city and regional level.

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