Hack4Fem Hackathon

E-17-122, Cambridge
Nov 14th 2015
See the website


The Hack4Fem (#Hack4Fem) hackathon is an event where engineers and other technical people will meet with activists working on feminism-related causes to talk and hack on ways to use technology to support feminist activism. We aim to expose problems and challenges that activists face on a regular basis and how technology can help make their efforts easier.

At this event we will feature the following speakers:

• Kelley Marie Adams, Program Manager, MIT Violence Prevention and Response • Vienna Rothberg, Program Manager for PLEASURE (Peers Leading Education About Sexuality and Speaking up for Relationship Empowerment) • Dr. Jyoti Sinha, Visiting Scholar, Women's and Gender Studies Department, UMass Boston • Kate Carson, Boston Doula Project

We will have two hands-on workshops to break the ice:

• DIY menstrual cups • DIY cloth pads

A feminist is a person who believes in the social and political equality of the sexes, so both men and women are welcome to participate!

For more details, see our schedule on hack4fem.org.

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