Hackathon - Data Transparency Lab 2016

Columbia University - The Schapiro Center for Engineering and Physical Science Research (Schapiro CEPSR), New York
Nov 19th 2016
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Interested in data privacy? Come and participate in the hack day that the Data Transparency Lab is hosting alongside the DTL 2016 conference. The theme of the hack day's is “User Education on Privacy and Transparency”. Bring your ideas and creativity to help users understand why they should care about privacy! You'll collaborate with other participants to build a tool to help end-users—an app, a visualization, or educational tool, or whatever you can conceive. Here are some potential challenges:

  »  Raising Awareness of Personal Information Leaks

  »  Privacy Census

  »  How much are you worth for Facebook?

  »  How much is my data worth?

  »  Parent-Child Education Challenge

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