The coIN Loft, Wilmington
From Nov 6th 2015
To Nov 8th 2015
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This hackathon is being organized by Start It Up Delaware and it is for the benefit of the devs and designers who, for the past 4 years, sacrificed their time and effort to support non-technical individuals build and launch their startups. So, this time, we decided to throw a hackathon JUST for those devs and designers, and let them decide what they want to build.

Who can come? Devs (back-end and front-end) & Designers (graphic designers) 

What are we going to do? Come, bring your laptop and a power cord (and extra power strip if you have one), and work on WHATEVER you want

We can work on anything? Really? YES. Really. 

What about food? We'll have food for you. Dinner on Friday night, and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and then breakfast and a late lunch on Sunday. We'll also have plenty of snacks, sodas, juice, and beer. 

What's the agenda?

Friday Nov. 6th

Doors open at 5pm

5p - 6p: Hacky Hour (yeah, we know, it's super cheesy, but we'll have beers and food for you so that you can check in, eat, get situated, and meet other folks in the room)

6p: Kick -off (we'll say a few words to help everyone understand the goals of the weekend)

6:30p: Roundtable discussion of projects

7p-10p: Teams that want to form can form and begin working out priorities; everyone else can start hacking

10:30p: Clean up

11p: Doors close

Sat. Nov. 7th

Doors open at 9am

9:30am: Breakfast (Cereral Bar)

1p: Lunch

7p: Dinner: Happy Hacksgiving (yeah, yeah, we know, super cheesy again, but we're doing a Turkey dinner!!)

11p: Doors close

Sun. Nov. 8th

Doors open at 9am

9:30am: Breakfast (Cereal Bar)

2p: Lunch

3:30p: Beers & Roundtable discussion of what was achieved and next steps for each group

6p: clean up

7p: go home!

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