IBM Australia, Sydney, Sydney
Sep 9th 2022
Gift Cards & Certificates for Top 3 Teams
Driving AI-Enabled Security
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Techie students — high schoolers, college undergrads, post-grads, and research students — in the Greater Sydney Area! If you're a data analytics or artificial intelligence enthusiast, then Macquarie University's Big Data Society invites you to participate in the Hackathon 2022-09. 

At this event, you'll get to work in a team of 2-5 like-minded individuals and tackle a challenge related to AI-enabled security platforms. Your project will focus on novel applications of AI in security, from machine learning and data analytics to cognitive assistants. 

Come and collaborate and compete to win one of the gift cards and certificates of achievement awarded to the three top-performing teams.

Follow hackathon tips from the experts!


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