From May 6th 2016
To May 8th 2016
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This hackathon's is all about rejuvenating technology to delight people, businesses and customers. This two-day event invites you to collaborate in a team of technology enthusiasts to develop an idea from scratch to a real working prototype. There will be mentoring and break-out sessions open for you to explore and bring out your full potential! The theme for this hackathon is ‘ReimagineBanking’ challenging you to visualise and build new-age Banking using topics such as Blockchains; Biometrics; APIs; Social media, Machine learning, Algorithms etc. You will get support regarding technicians, code samples, suggested libraries, test accounts, initial setups and references while also getting access to the API sandbox ‘Blue Bank’ made available for product testing. Furthermore you will have Wi-Fi access, however you need to bring your own laptop and choice of development tools.

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