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We hear you! By popular demand we are repeating the successful hackathon in Media City Bergen Media Lab, together with our partners Sparebanken Vest, IBM, Deloitte, and the Municipality of Bergen. 

We welcome developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and creative people who study or work within media, tech, strategy or innovation, to a two-day hackathon in the MCB Media Lab on March 13 and 14. 

What is a hackathon?A hackathon is a frenzy of ideas, creativity, business model creation, coding and designing. You can build a prototype, or you can present a concept, a great solution to a problem, or innovative visualizations. 

For this event, Media Lab partner Deloitte Digital will bring in their hackathon team to make sure everything runs smoothly, and IBM Watson experts will provide technical support throughout the hackathon. 

With help from our partners Sparebanken Vest and the Municipality of Bergen we have set up a hackathon where the challenge is to: 

Make a product or a service for the future of sustainable mobility.  

We encourage participants to keep the following topics in mind:

Personal MobilityHow might we design new and alternative services for personal mobility? 

Use of data for new and existing mobility servicesHow may open data be used to support and bring value to these services?

Future Urban LogisticsHow might we rethink urban logistics in the future? (transportation of goods and food, industrial mobility, infrastructure, etc)

Deloitte, Sparebanken Vest, and the Municipality of Bergen will provide a detailed introduction to the challenge during the opening session on Wednesday, and they will answer any questions you might have. There will also be a intro from the IBM Watson team during this session.  Pitching: On day two (Thursday) at 1pm it is time to present what you have come up with during the hackathon. Each team will have a five minute pitch. After this session, the jury will meet and decide the top three teams. 

What can I win? 1st prize:  NOK 30.000 + internship in the Municipality of Bergen2nd prize: NOK 20.0003rd prize:  NOK 10.000 

I don't have a team - can I still join?Of course! If you sign up on yur own we will make sure to put you in a well balanced team. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, maybe even meet a co-founder to kick start your own idea.

If you are signing up as a team, please note that the max capacity is five persons per team. 

What do I need to bring?Bring your computer/Mac and power cord, and a charger for your phone. Food and drinks are on the house.  

Open data and optional IBM Watson workshop on March 12.The municipality of Bergen's vast pool of open data will be made available through the IBM Watson platform. Participants have the option of utilizing the Watson platform in the the product or service they are creating during the hackathon. 

As a precursor to the hackathon, we will also hold an optional Watson workshop in the Media Lab, the day before (March 12. from 12.00-16.00, including lunch). This enable you to prototype, visualize, test or demo technical solutions, or to use available data or API's, and will bring everybody up to speed. Technical skill is not a requirement. 

If you want to join the crash course, you will have to sign up when registering your ticket for the hackathon.  

Schedule:(Food will be served throughout the hackathon)

Wednesday, March 13, day 1: 09.00: Breakfast and opening remarks (NCE Media / Media City Bergen)09.15: Introduction to the hackathon (Deloitte)09.30: Presentation of the challenge (Bergen kommune and Sparebanken Vest)10.30: Presentation of Watson (IBM)11.00--> Teamwork!

Thursday, March 14, day 2:09.00: Breakfast12.00: Practicalities before pitch13.00: PITCHES14.00: Jury work15.00: Prize ceremony

How do I get there?Media City Bergen has two entrances - Lars Hilles gate 30 and Odd Frantzens plass 5.

When entering From Lars Hilles Gate 30, go down the stairs on your right when entering MCB. Veer right and walk towards and through the restaurant area until you reach Tower 3. Event staff will guide you to the Media Lab.

If you're entering From Odd Frantzens Plass, turn left after entering MCB and walk towards and through the restaurant area until you reach Tower 3. Tower 3 will be on your left, where event staff will guide you to the Media Lab.If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

If you are interested in more events like this, you can sign up to our newsletter here: 

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