Hackathon Betacowork Open Data Sessions

Betacowork Coworking Brussels: more than a shared office or business center, Ville de Bruxelles
From Dec 28th 2017
To Dec 29th 2017
Package of IoT Stuff + Co-working Space ( 5 Winners)
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Designers, developers, data scientists, visualisation experts, and anyone into Open Data, code, pixels and prose. Betacowork Coworking Brussels invites you to participate in their Open Data Hackathon. You'll be challenged to design and prototype an innovative solution to a city problem such as air quality, city traffic flow, or road accidents. Collaborate with like-minded people to create an awesome smart city mobility project that leverages open data and IoT hardware and sensors. Present your project to the panel of judges for a chance to win a package of IoT stuff PLUS co-working space at Betacowork.com.

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