Hackathon de Noël: Le pont numérique

Organized by RUDN University
Nice, Nice, Nice
From Dec 5th 2019
To Dec 6th 2019
Development of the promising solutions in the leading directions of the digital economy
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We invite you to participate in the international Christmas hackathon "Hackaton de Noël: Le pont numérite" on the development of promising solutions in the leading directions of the digital economy, which will be held in December 2019 with a face-to-face final in two countries: Belgium and France.

Partners of hackathon: Samsung IT- academy. Qube (Sweden), Electronic Money and Money Transfer Market Participants Association (Russia).

As basic digital technologies for development of solutions of hackathon participants will be used: big data, new production technologies (including financial), wireless communication technologies, industrial Internet, virtual and augmented reality technologies, geotargeting and geoposition technologies based on GLONASS and GPS systems.

Selection online stage - from 26th of November till 3th of December, 2019;

Face-to-face stage - 5-6 December 2019 (Nice and Mons)

For registration tap the link: https://ippk.rudn.ru/ru/hackathon-de-noel/


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