Hackathon Mobility BCN 2019

Organized by CARNET Barcelona
Sala Àgora. Campus Nord UPC, Barcelona
From Mar 23rd 2019
To Mar 24th 2019
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SEAT together with CARNET presents the Mobility Hackathon BCN 2019!

This is the Fourth Edition of our Mobility Hackathon happening in Barcelona, Spain organized by CARNET.

Two challenges have been detected, and we are looking to find some fresh ideas and innovative solutions. We believe that talented and passionate people like you are needed to create the future of mobility!



The Goal


The Context

For pedestrian safety issues, it will be required that all vehicles propelled in an alternative way emit a sound externally.

The Team

A multidisciplinary team integrating at least 1 discipline of each of the following categories:

•    Blue category: Related to Marketing, Communication, Management, Psychology, Engineering or other with the ability to analyze socio-cultural aspects and the ability to relate them with the environment of the future of mobility. Identifying and transmitting the values and image of SEAT.

•    Purple category: Related to Music Production, DJ, Acoustic Engineers or others that can apply tools and technology related to music. 

The total participants per team will be at least 2, and a maximum of 5.

The Prize

1st 1.500 €

2nd 500 € 



The Goal

The challenge is to develop a tool that ensures through gamification not only the ability to maintain the workplace according to the 5S, but also to do it in a fun way, achieving an ergonomic, safe, clean and orderly environment that facilitates day-to-day tasks and worker's satisfaction.

The Context

Lean Management’s philosophy is one of SEAT’s main principles because of the mindset that continuous improvement represents. In this context, 5S method is the starting point for continuous improvement, it implies that 5S has already been implemented in the past in multiple work environments.However, its maintenance is very difficult.


The Team

A multidisciplinary team integrating at least 1 discipline of each of the following categories:

Orange profile:

Related to Marketing, Human Resources, Communication, Management, Psychology, Engineering or other that can incorporate productive process management tools.

Red profile:

Web/App designers, developers of platforms that allow users to interact in an attractive way

The total of participants per team will be at least 2, and a máximum of 5.


The Prize

1st 1.500 €

2nd 500 €


Monday 18th

 15:30  Registration/Record of attendance

16:00  Welcome session

16:15 E- Sound Challenge presentation

17:00 League of 5´s Challenge presentation

17:45 Closure

18:00 Teambuilding

18:30 Networking

19:00 End of  day


Saturday 23th 

08:00 Participants registration

09:00 Kick off

09:15 Tool presentation

10:15 Planning

10:30 Working time and tech pill

13:30 Lunch

14:15 Working time and tech pill

20:00 Dinner

20:45 Working time

22:00 End of day


Sunday 24th 

08:00 Doors open

08:15 Working time and Tech pills

13:30 Deadline

13:30 Lunch

14:15 Presentation and deliberation

16:00 Awards Ceremony

17:15 Networking

18:00 End of Hackathon Mobility BCN



1.    What is the Hackathon Mobility BCN?

The HMBCN is an event where teams collaborate on a project within a tight time limit. At the SEAT Hackathon, teams of 3 to 5 collaborate over a weekend to provide a solution to a specific, real situation or problem while learning more about methodologies, techniques, technology, and networking with like-minded participants. Industry professionals from our sponsors will share their experiences with you, and support and guide your projects from a technical perspective. The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges comprised of top industry professionals. So, attend our hackathon, assemble a team, build a groundbreaking project, learn and make new exciting connections, and finally win prizes!

2.    When is the application deadline?

The deadline is on the 18th of March. However, you may still try applying after the deadline.


3.    How much does it cost?

Hackathon Mobility BCN is 100% free for all participants. Just apply and get your ticket!


4. What if I don't have any experience?

Have no fear! Hackathons are for you to learn and in fact, it is one of the best ways to do so. On the first day of the HMBCN, we will also facilitate team building so no one gets left out! We'll also have a workshop to prepare you for the challenges. And when you run into any problems or questions, mentors will be happy to help you out. By the end of HMBCN, you will have new skills, friends, and a Project!


5. What should I bring?

All food will be provided at the event so don't worry about that!

Here is a list of what you should definitely have:

•    ID: You’ll need this to check in to the event.

•    Laptop: Desktops aren’t  great as travel companions.

•    Chargers (laptop, phone, etc.)

•    Headphones: With so many hackers in one building, it can get a bit loud, so bring headphones if you want to get some quiet time.

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