Z-Bau, Nuremberg, Nuremberg
From May 26th 2020
To May 27th 2020
4.500€ Cash Prize Pool
It's hacking time again @ HACK|BAY 2020
See the website


*** The organizers are monitoring the Covid-19 situation and in the case of the hackathon being canceled, ticket prices will be 100% reimbursed and the hackathon will take place online. ***

Hackers, engineers and business enthusiasts in and around Nürnberg! ZOLLHOF invites you to participate in the 2-day HACK|BAY 2020 hackathon. You'll get to compete as part of a team and tackle your choice of one of 5 different sponsor challenges. Note that the event language will be German, but non-German speakers are welcome to join as hackers or visitors!

The challenges are as follows:

1. #Greentech | SIEMENS

2. #PayAsYouDrive | HUK Coburg

3. #DigitalLifeLine | NÜRNBERGER Versicherung

4. #AlwaysUpToDate | N-ERGIE & VAG

5. # | Schaeffler (challenge to be determined)

An expert jury will judge all ideas and give awards to the best four teams. Collaborate and compete for prizes -- Overall Best, Best Technical Implementation, Best Use Case, and Audience Award.

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