HackCortona II

Organized by KCL Tech Society
Via Guelfa, 40, Cortona
From Sep 2nd 2017
To Sep 3rd 2017
See the website


150 people. An amazing venue. 24 hours.

HackCortona is a 24 hour hackathon hosted by KCL Tech Society.

After last year's success, HackCortona, the first student led hackathon in Italy, is back to bring people interested in technology from all over Europe together to learn, build and share in an amazing and evocative venue in Cortona, Italy.

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150 partecipanti, una location mozzafiato, 24 ore

HackCortona è una hackathon di 24 ore organizzata da KCL Tech Society.

La prima hackathon in italia organizzata e gestita da studenti, ha come obbiettivo quello di attrarre appassionati di tecnologia da tutta l’Europa per imparare, creare e condividere le proprie esperienze in una location mozzafiato a Cortona, Italia

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