Hacker Games: Kaunas 2018

Organized by Startup Lithuania
KTU Santaka Valley, K. Baršausko g. 59, Kaunas
From Mar 2nd 2018
To Mar 4th 2018
To encourage entrepreneurship in Lithuania and CEE
See the website


H A C K E R G A M E S are back to Kaunas!

Hackers, engineers, business developers and all those who want to build stuff – here is a weekend for you.

There will be 4 tracks: S O F T W A R E, H A R D W A R E, G A M E S and a new H E A L T H track. All tracks will have different mentors and tools, separate winners and judging criteria.


KTU Santaka Valley
2 March 2018 - 4 March 2018
K. Baršausko g. 59
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