HackThePress Hackathon #2

Organized by HackThePress.org
Newspeak House, London, London
From Jan 18th 2020
To Jan 19th 2020
Prize TBA
Help make high quality journalism sustainable again!
See the website


Techies in the Greater London Area -- and beyond! Are you interested in the state of Journalism and the press? You're invited to participate in the HackThePress Hackathon #2. The Internet has changed the ways in which Journalism works and pays for itself! Come help find new ways that technology can help make high quality journalism sustainable again.

You'll be challenged to design and prototype a digital solution that addresses one or more of the following themes:

→ Monetisation - How can news organisations monetise differently?

→ Public Advice - How can news orgs help people make better decisions?

→ Follow-through - How can news pieces inspire real change?

Present your project to a panel of experts for the chance to be recognized as a winner.

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