HackTM 2016

UPT Restaurant, Timisoara
From May 20th 2016
To May 22nd 2016
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HackTM is the Timisoara super-sized software & hardware development hackathon aiming to mobilise as many developers as possible. It targets the people and organisations active in IT, automotive and other tech industries, from Timișoara and its surroundings. It’s a de-focused hackathon, creating opportunities of creative thinking and action for all those interested, in the following categories:

Smart City


Game Development






We’ll build the environment and atmosphere for about 50 hours of hacking, discontinued or non-stop, with mentoring support, in a wide open-floor and well fitted venue. And for the first time this year, we will kick off the hackathon on Friday morning with a day filled with talks, technical presentations and networking opportunities. This will give the participants the perfect opportunity to build teams, find ideas and learn new things.

HackTM is organised by a wide group of tech community representatives, reunited by Timisoara Startup Hub and Banat IT. *The ticket includes participation, food & beverage, branded T-shirt & swag, the chance to win awesome prizes and lots of fun!


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