HackTrain 4.0 Hackathon (Registration)

Organized by Hack Partners
London, London
From Nov 24th 2017
To Nov 26th 2017
Prizes TBA
See the website


Developers, designers, railway entrepreneurs, and policymakers! You're invited to attend the HackTrain 4.0 RailTech Conference and to participate in the annual 48-hour hackathon on a moving train. At the conference, you will hear specialists assess and outline the best methodologies to counter cyber security attacks and also define the next era of multi-modal transport. In the hackathon, you'll get to collaborate and compete on your participation track selected from one of Customer Experience & Rolling Stock, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure, or Policy & Performance. Register here and then go to apply.hacktrain.com in order to receive the official chocolate ticket to take part in the hackathon.

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