HealthHack 2016 Brisbane

River City Labs, Fortitude Valley, Fortitude Valley
From Oct 14th 2016
To Oct 16th 2016
Prizes TBA
Create An Innovative Healthcare Solution
See the website


Healthtech hackers and health professionals in Queensland! HealthHack Australia invites you to participate in HealthHack 2016 Brisbane—a non-profit, volunteer-led initiative focused on creating solutions in the health and medical research fields.  Grab a team or show up solo and be prepared for a 48-hour frenzy of coding, building, hacking, and presenting with like-minded individuals! Each team will work together on an interesting, health-related problem set forth by experts from non-profits, and facilitators will help with questions and problems through the event.

Check the hackathon expert tips page for useful info on HealthHack 2016!

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