Hedera Hashgraph Meetup Vancouver - Special Guest

Organized by Hedera Hashgraph
701 W Georgia St, Vancouver
Nov 21st 2018
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If you are in the Vancouver area and interested in DLT, this is NOT the Meetup to miss! Come for free pizza, meet the team and LEARN about an incredible next-generation distributed ledger technology!We are very lucky to have Technical Lead, Paul Madsen, himself speak as he visits us from Ottawa. He will walk us through recent announcements, a Hedera18 recap and review DLT myth-busting.Hedera18 Demystifying Distributed Ledgers - https://youtu.be/fF67_vL1_ZEThis is a very special Meetup because in addition to Paul, we also have Nhat Nguyen and the Organify team! Organify competed in our recent Global Hackathon in Dallas and Nhat represented Organify as one of our Panelist at Hedera18. Nhat will share his perspective and insights.Organify - http://organify.io/Hedera18 Panel - https://youtu.be/5v_jGpkRdq4Organify Team:Nhat Nguyen - CEO & Co-founder, a consultant in strategy and product development at National Australia Bank, currently working at Impark head office in Vancouver.Alicia Nguyen - CTO & Co-founder, a senior full stack developer with experience in multiple enterprise technologies, currently working at iComply.Lucas Cunha - COO & Co-founder, previously a co-founder of a supply chain import/export of agriculture products company in Vancouver now a front end and blockchain developer.Following the presentation, we will open the floor for some Q&A with Paul and Nhat.Watch the Hedera18 playlist here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIG2qvTe2ek&list=PLcaTa5RR9SuCj2CKkhyJ1m8dMh6xFnrttThe hashgraph consensus algorithm provides a new platform for distributed consensus. The hashgraph system achieves the goal of distributed consensus, but without the constraints of current blockchain technology. Hedera provides distributed consensus while also being fair, fast, provable, Byzantine, ACID compliant, efficient, inexpensive, timestamped, DoS resistant, and optionally non-permissioned.

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