Heroes v/s Hackers - Hackathon

Bombay Stock Exchange , Mumbai
From Nov 28th 2015
To Nov 29th 2015
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Heroes vs. Hackers is a 36-hour hackathon by Barclays Rise that brings together the top fintech developers in Mumbai to supercharge financial services. Your challenge – create the future of banking, now. You may choose one of two factions. Join the Heroes or Hackers. Your team will then be able to compete on one of three worlds for massive prizes. Each world will have one Champion.These Champions will then be stripped of their powers as the Judges decide their fate. Only one team will be given the honor to serve and protect Mumbai City. They will hold this position until a new war breaks out, where you will have to defend your title.



The War for Mobile Money has broken out. Consumers are confined to archaic payment solutions that are expensive, restrictive and provide limited value and incentives back to the consumer in their day-to-day spending. 1) Payments are restricted to the infrastructure of a bank or telecommunications provider. This means they can only transact with those using the same provider. 2) Making payments internationally is slow and expensive. 3) There are few smartphone friendly solutions in the current market. 4) There are limited integrated loyalty programmes when making a payment. 5) There are limited integrated payment and financial planning tools. 6) There are limited data and analytics available to merchants on their customers and transactions.

It is your mission to simplify the consumer payment experience.


The World of Merchants has declared a state of confusion. Merchants continue to be bombarded with different payment options for their mobile applications. For merchants to accept payments, there are the following problems: 1) It is time consuming and costly to integrate different payment APIs. 2) Merchants lack the necessary technical resources to integrate APIs. 3) It detracts merchants away from their focus on their customer experience. 4) There is no universal UI layer for merchants to accept multiple payment options.It leads to abandoned sales as customers are forced to pay by leaving the app. 5) It is time consuming for customers to enter their payment data for each transaction.

It is your mission to simplify the merchant payment experience


Every banking customer has it’s own unique identity and it’s very critical for the banking world. The customer identity is on a way to digital liberalisation but part of it is still trapped in the physical world. The banking world has declared a war to end the inefficiencies of paperwork and physical identification. 1) The banking world needs the customer identity to be set free in the digital world so that it can end the inefficiencies of documentation and paper work. 2) Currently there is no seamless (digital) way of on-boarding customers for a fully KYC enabled mobile wallet or a bank account.

It is your mission to create a simplified customer on-boarding experience.


Upto INR 6,00,000 Cash Prizes to be won.

Exciting Add-Ons:

1) Coworking Space Free coworking space for each winning team member for 3 months

2) Mentors Access to Rise’s vast mentor network. Meet with the right people to help you succeed.

3) Rise Ecosystem Access to Rise Ecosystem and Community Perks

4) Barclays Accelerator Fast Track Guaranteed interview for Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars

Whats more?

Contend for special badges to earn sweepstakes like Apple Tvs, Logitech Gaming Mouses & Keypads, Cannon Cameras, Yu Yuphoria Phones, Quadcopters and many more free take aways at the event. Star performing individuals may also win an opportunity to be hired by Barclays.

Seats are filling fast. Register now: http://heroesvshackers.com/

To stay posted about contests and updates follow : acehacker on FB and _acehacker on Twitter.

Join the frenzy at #heroesvshackers today!

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