Highways England Hackathon I Milton Keynes

Connected Places Catapult, Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes
From Feb 8th 2020
To Feb 9th 2020
Using Data to Improve England's Motorways
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Coders, data visualisers, data scientists, innovators, business strategists and planners in the UK! Are you interested in how data can be used to help improve the UK's Motorways? Highways England and Connected Places Catapult invite you to participate in the 2-day Highways England Hackathon in Milton Keynes.

Come with a team of up to 5 people -- or join one at the event.  You'll be challenged to use a wealth of data from traffic flows, accident information to the location of every piece of hardware on the network -- in order to find ways to aid decision making & planning, improve safety, provide a better service to road users and find new ways to reduce disruption from maintenance. Present your team's project to a panel of judges, including senior decision makers at Highways England for the chance to win.

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