Holiday Hackathon

Organized by N3XTCODER
Zalando Tech Headquarters BMO, Berlin, Berlin
Dec 4th 2018
€10.000 prize pool
Supporting innovative NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs in refugee integration.
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The hackathon to support innovative NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs in refugee integration.Designers & Developers! Join us on Tuesday December 4th, 2018 for our one day Holiday Hackathon and support social innovators in the field of refugee integration.Together with our partners Zalando and we help amazing social organizations such as ReDI School of Digital Integration, Ipso - Empathy International, with their software and design challenges.We have prize money with a total sum of 10.000 Euros for the winning teams.Contribute with your skills and make your favorite organization win!We are looking for UX/UI designers, frontend developers, full stack developers and performance marketing experts.Our goals for the Holiday Hackathon1. Strengthen and support innovative entrepreneurs, NGOs and NPOs.2. Build on our collective impact format that encourages social entrepreneurs, the tech community and industry experts to work together3. Support advanced solutions that support refugee integration and diverse and inclusive communities.


As we match each participant with the skills needed to the organization, please apply over our N3XTCODER Website. To participate you need a confirmation email from us and the down payment ticket. Please excuse the inconvenience in the process, but we need to have a few more infos about you so we can create the best impact for the social ventures.

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