Housing Hackathon

Organized by Nadine Nakagawa
Billard Architecture, New Westminster
Sep 29th 2017
See the website


We are in a housing crisis in MetroVancouver and we need solutions.

Using Open Space Technology, participants will “hack” a series of issues relating to housing.

Hacking is defined as problem solving that:

Demonstrates cleverness, creativity, or ingenuity

Solves a meaningful problem

Is not a common or well-known solution to the problem

May not be the most straightforward or well-known solution

Is bold or radical

The event will begin with a brief introduction which outlines the purpose, followed by an invitation to break into working groups based around particular problems such as rental housing and the Residential Tenancy Act, non-for-profit or non-market housing including co-ops, population specific housing, supplies and design, and other issues.

Attendees do not require any special knowledge, just a willingness to share experience and creative ideas.

Recommendations will be collected at the end of the night and presented to government and other groups as appropriate.

BYOB. Light snacks will be provided!

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