HTBox Codeathon Stockholm

Organized by Coding After Work
Betsson AB, Norrmalm
From Sep 16th 2017
To Sep 17th 2017
See the website


Write code and save lives! Join Richard Campbell, Jimmy Engström and Jessica Engström at Betsson in Stockholm September 16 & 17. Over the weekend, Richard, Jimmy and Jessica will host a group of developers working on projects for the Humanitarian Toolbox (HTBox). HTBox builds open source software for disaster relief organizations. No experience with open source is needed – and all software development/testing/UX/project management skills are welcome! You can check out the current projects on GitHub at - you must register to get into the space but registration is free for HTBox participants!

This is a two day hackathon

Saturday 9am to 5pm (9-17)Sunday 9am to 5pm (9-17)

Lunch will be included both days

Hope to see you there!

Sponsor: Betsson

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