IBM Cloud Day

Organized by IBM Community
Jan 21st 2021
Join the IBM Cloud Day Virtual Conference, happening on January 21, 2021.
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Join us for a 1-day virtual conference and hear from industry leaders, architects, and developers. Learn about IBM's cloud solutions, experience walk-thru demos, get hands-on with the architecture, talk to our experts and ask them your questions, and hear from our leadership on where IBM is going in the Cloud sector; all in one event.

Join the IBM Cloud Day, happening on January 21, 2021.


• Three 30-Minute Executive Keynotes

• 3 Content Tracks

• 45 Sessions


Why Attend?

There's no cost – This part speaks for itself, right?

It’s global – Join from the convenience of your home or desk. All sessions will be webcast live. No badges, no lines, no travel. And most importantly, all of the talks are available for replay for 90 days.

It’s valuable – All of our presenters are developers and managers from IBM, associated companies, and users just like you.



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