IBM Db2 Masterclass Hackathon

Organized by IBM & IDUG
From Oct 11th 2019
To Oct 13th 2019
Take our micro-courses for the IBM Db2 and then compete online, sharing your ML or Web Applications
See the website


Take our micro-courses and gain new skills using Db2 data management tools for Machine Learning, Web Apps, and Blockchain. All Masterclass students will be invited to compete in our online hackathon October 11th-13th, for $15k in prizes!

Here's how it works:

  1. Visit: and get caught up to speed by watching our micro-course Master class for

  2. Sign up for our Hackathon

    1. Start thinking about your use case and what you want to build! Machine learning use case, or Web Applications? (Node.JS)
    2. Create a profile and reach out to an IBM mentor for help

  3. Hackathon takes place October 11th - 13th

    1. Take a use case that you've started* or create a use case and project from scratch (get creative!) and create a Project Page on the platform

    2. We'll judge the projects and select the winners by October 16th...check your inboxes!

  4. Prizes!

    1. The first 50 qualified submissions receive $100 as a submission bonus!**

    2. Grand prizes of $3,000 for the top Web Application project and Machine Learning projects!

    3. Two (2) Runner-up projects for each category will receive $1,000

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